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A short journey through time by a colleague who has accompanied findic since day one

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What made you join findic?

Before joining findic, I spent 12.5 years at Ploenzke/CSC (now DXC Technology). During that period, I got to know our current managing director Rainer Windler, who was my superior back then. He left CSC four months before I did and co-founded the zeb subsidiary findic together with zeb. Six of my colleagues and I then switched from CSC to findic – we were thus among the pioneers. The fact that I already knew the managing director as well as my colleagues was definitely the main reason for my decision.


How was your first day/week on the job?

When we started 15 years ago, we didn’t have an office in Hamburg yet – a space was only rented a few months later. Therefore, we worked from home or at our clients’ premises.

Since I already knew my six findic colleagues, we didn’t have to get to know each other first. But I remember that I went to the zeb headquarters in Münster in the first week, where I spent my Welcome Days, picked up my laptop and met the first zeb colleagues. I still remember this as a very positive experience.


How has the company developed from your point of view?

As our business has developed very impressively, we have witnessed substantial growth over the last 15 years. Nevertheless, our current size still allows us to maintain personal relationships with our colleagues. Of course, it is no longer possible to get to know everybody as closely as in the early days. However, our management team is doing its best to ensure that we see each other regularly and that new colleagues feel very welcome from day one.


15 years – what convinced you to stay at the same consultancy for so long?

What I value most about findic are the great colleagues and the friendly atmosphere. Having been part of the team from the very beginning, I know most of the people really well. I also appreciate the fact that we discuss ideas openly and that the management welcomes development suggestions.

Another great thing is that we have many different clients with exciting projects. For quite a long time now, I have been working for a client where I carry responsibility and am able to make a difference each day.


What highlights do you associate with findic? What distinguishes findic in your opinion?

Since we have offices in different locations, I’m always happy to meet my colleagues in person – regardless of whether it is at our headquarters in Hamburg or at a team event. In the past, for example, we met up in Berlin, Kassel, Dresden and even Barcelona. These visits were great opportunities to talk to each other away from our daily project routine. In addition, there are many zeb events, such as zeb.Uni, the Christmas party or summer parties. They offer the chance to expand one’s network, to gain insights into other projects or simply to socialize in an informal atmosphere.


What advice would you give to our new colleagues?

I would like to reassure them that by choosing a career in consulting, they have embarked on a wonderful journey. We get to meet many different people (from our own company, from the clients’, from other consulting firms, in hotels, etc.). In addition, we constantly explore new topics and act in different roles. In short: the life of a consultant is varied and exciting. However, there are also moments when a consultant’s day-to-day life can be very challenging: tricky issues, demanding clients or long working days. In such a case, I would like to encourage you to talk to other findic colleagues or our management team at an early stage. My experience has clearly shown that together you can overcome any problem – which findic proves every single day.

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