Data Science and Analytics

In an increasingly data-driven world, processes and interrelations are growing more complex and less obvious. With our expertise in new key technologies, we help you as a reliable partner to penetrate your own data, transform processes and develop new, AI-driven solutions to create real added value. Our AI solutions enable you to save costs and increase transparency, security, productivity as well as quality.

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What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence for your business? Which processes are promising candidates for automation? Find the first answers in the video - we are developing the future.

Towards a data-driven future with findic

Especially in the financial industry, data plays a vital role - but, so far, its potential has not been fully exploited. findic combines industry know-how with cutting-edge analytics/AI expertise. With many years of experience in implementing digitalization projects for the financial industry, we are a reliable partner who will accompany you on your path towards a data-driven future.

We complement the capabilities that come with data science and data analytics with our expertise to automate data-driven complex processes, predict KPI and more - the application options are many

AI solutions offer major advantages over generic approaches: for example, AI systems can effectively and accurately extract information from large and unstructured quantities of data. They adapt to changes within the data and independently recognize new interrelations. By means of data analytics, we can largely automate complex decision-making processes that would previously have required human action (e.g. based on texts, images or patterns). This results in significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

Range of services

  • AI-based process automation
  • AI stand-alone solutions 
  • Exploratory data analysis, data understanding and visualization
  • Dashboarding / reporting
  • Agile project management according to CRISP-ML(Q)
Increased efficiency through data science, automation and AI

The financial industry finds itself under pressure. Digitalization challenges and regulatory requirements are getting ever more complex, pushing financial institutions to their limits with regard to both costs and implementation.

With findic at your side, your business will become future-proof - through data science, automation and artificial intelligence! By adding clever AI algorithms to smart process automation tools where appropriate, we transform manual processes to boost efficiency, scalability and quality.

Great efficiency increases can already be achieved through the expert use of automation tools - without the need to train one´s own AI algorithms and to provide the required infrastructure. The recognition and extraction of information from identification documents by pre-trained models is just one of many examples.

If a problem cannot be adressed by combining existing solutions, our AI team will support you in training and applying your own algorithms in a targeted way. We support you in the implementation process and help you to both specify the necessary infrastructure and implement AI projects in accordance with a proven methodology (CRISP-ML(Q)).